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The Easy 8-Step Process to A Perfect Wall Display


Hanging photos is a great way to add a personal touch to your home's walls. Whether it's photos of your family or your favorite artworks, it's a great way to showcase your personality through decoration.


To make your photos more organized on the wall, follow this easy 8-step process for a perfect wall display:


Step 1: Decide what to hang

Start collecting the photos or artworks you want to display. Start to think about the scale and the arrangement you prefer. How many pictures do you want to hang? Will you display them in same-sized frames or a mixture of different sizes? You can do research online for an arrangement you'd like to take inspiration from.


Step 2: Create a theme

Once you have chosen your selection of prints, group them together by theme. For photos, you can group them by family or memories, or another theme that means to you. For art prints, group them by color, preferably one that suits the tone of the room you're going to display them in.


Step 3: Odd or even?

Decide if you are going with even or odd number of frames. Generally, even numbers work great for frames of the same size, while odd numbers work for random arrangements or sizes.


Step 4: Measure your wall space

Measure your wall space and make sure your entire wall display will fit. One trick is to lay them all on the floor so you can see if you need to add/remove from the collection and have a general feel of what everything will look like together.


Step 5: Get those frames

Once you are set on your arrangement, it's time to pick out your frames. Frames should enhance the photo/artwork, not overpower them. Neutral-colored frames work great for Scandi-style interiors, while black ones go with industrial or contemporary home style. You can also play with frames with different colors, sizes and shapes.


Step 6: Finalize the layout

Once your photos/artworks are in their frames, finalize the layouts. Will you go for a neat row or a more organic arrangement? Are you happy with the theme and the arrangement?


Step 7: Hang time

Here's when you need to measure and mark your walls for hanging the frames. Remember to draw on the wall lightly where the top corners of the frames will be. You will also need hammer and nails or picture hooks.


Step 8: Final adjustments

Once your frames are up, stand back and see if you are happy with your creation.

Make some final adjustments swap photos, adjust heights, etc.